Helping you to make the right British boarding school choice, so your child will be happy and fulfill their potential.
I'll show you how using the same online parent questionnaire we use with families we work with 1-2-1, alongside 6 x 12 Schools For... suggestions from our experts, helps you move faster and gives more focus to your school search process.

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  • Use the same Online Parent Questionnaire (OPQ) that we use when our consultants work with families 1-2-1.
  • Access your OPQ and SCHOOL RESEARCH WORKBOOK instantly, via your Member log in and password.
  • Faster, focused school research with 6 x 12 Schools For... series of schools suggested by our team of experts.
  • As part of our community, you'll have access to instant expert advice and support at each step of your boarding school search.

So, let's get you started...


Picture this...

You’re writing a letter to your child. It highlights all the reasons you’re choosing a British boarding school education. What are your hopes for their future and the opportunities they’ll have to become the best version of themselves?

You might be feeling…


Making one of the most important decisions of your life leads to worry about getting the choice wrong.


Google, magazines, league tables, school websites, dinner party discussion, family history – all this information can lead to feeling confused.


Not knowing where to find reliable, independent, expert advice and support can lead to a feeling of frustration.

In this Online Parent Questionnaire, with 6 BONUS FACTSHEETS from our series of '12 Suggested Schools For...'

I’m going to teach you:

A simple process to help you map out what the right boarding school for your child looks like.

  • How to ask the right questions to prompt discussion and consideration of your child’s interests, passions, character, and career goals.
  • How to consider other factors that affect the decision, such as siblings, location, logistics, family life and your own parent life story.
  • How to kickstart your research with confidence via 6 x 12 = 72 Suggested Schools For…
  • How quality independent advice via a step-by-step approach, gives you the knowledge you need to focus on your child as the celebrity with confidence.

In my experience over many years of working with parents, much of their confusion comes from not first taking time to decide exactly what you’re looking for in the right school.

It comes from making the mistake of listening to what’s right for children of friends and family, instead of making your child the celebrity of the process.

Don’t make these mistakes for your child.

What will be the outcome for you?

  • Confusion becomes clarity.
  • You’ll become well-informed and reassured.
  • You’ll feel confident you have the well-considered reasons behind making the right choice.

What will be the outcome for your child?

  • Right school choice
  • Happy child.
  • Who will maximise their opportunities.
  • And fulfill their potential

You’ve put your child at the heart of your British boarding school choice process.


Private Client

'Being an expat, you lose touch with the UK education system. Your Consultant filled us in with all of the latest information about the schools we were considering and we are happy that, with your help, we have chosen the right boarding school. We will certainly recommend your services to all of our friends.'

Private Client 

'Being informed about education is vital for all parents. Your proactive communications about education are both interesting and relevant for our children’s ages. Keep them coming!'

Private Client

'Coping with the application process to our chosen boarding school was very confusing until we met you. You guided us through every step in the process. Our son is now very happy in his new school. We look forward to your support with his education in the future.'

About the Author

I'm passionate about British education. In an education career spanning 30 years as a teacher, writer and education consultant, I’ve been so lucky to form trusted working relationships with 1000’s of families in the UK, as well as expat and international families all over the world.

Over the years as an education consultant I've gained an extensive insight into parents’ common worries, sticking points, and frequently asked questions about boarding school choices.

Determined to provide advice that’s accessible to parents all over the world in different time zones, with different wish-lists and varied amounts of time and money to invest, it’s my belief that digital consultancy is the solution to getting high quality expertise within a cost- effective, convenient solution for all parents.

I'm looking forward to working with you on your British boarding school search

Catherine Marx (Founder What School Year and TIEC)